Prepare for Your Appointment at Florida Neurology Group

Your Pre-Visit Checklist

Did you know that you can pre-check in using MyChart, which will save you time during your visit? Here are a few more important steps to follow as you prepare for your next appointment at Florida Neurology Group.

Step 1

Please print and complete the new patient forms, then bring them to your first appointment.

Step 2

Check-in is required 15 minutes prior to appointment time for new patients, as well as if paperwork is not yet completed.

Step 3

Bring all insurance cards and a valid photo ID with you to your appointment.

Step 4

Bring all of your current medications you are taking, in their original packaging.

Step 5

Do not wear cologne, perfume or scented lotions to your appointment. We are a scent-free clinic, in order to accommodate patients with sensitive fragrance allergies.

Step 6

Refrain from smoking prior to your appointment. Cigarette smoke lingers on clothing and can trigger migraines in other patients and doctors.

If you are unable to make your appointment, please provide 24-hour notice as a courtesy. This allows our care team to schedule a new appointment and use that time for another patient who needs our assistance.

Occasionally, there may be an unexpected and unavoidable delay in our previously planned schedule. If this happens, Florida Neurology Group will notify you and keep you informed of the anticipated length of that delay. We appreciate your patience and will always try to keep your wait as short as possible.